Salesforce and Microsoft

Microsoft + Salesforce = Developer Goodness!

Salesforce and Microsoft announced a new partnership initiative back in October 2014.  The basis of the partnership is to make customers successful with their IT endeavors.  While there will be a lot of customer facing integrations with Office 365, Salesforce1 on Windows Phone and Power BI integrations, it is also very good news for Developers. […]


Accessing a SQL Server Azure Database with Lightning Connect

Learn how to access real-time data from a SQL Server Azure database and display it seamlessly in Salesforce using OData and Lightning Connect.


Quickly Assemble Components Using Lightning Component Composition

Learn how to prebuilt Lightning components to quickly build (or compose) new components or apps.


Navigating to Reports & Records Using Lightning Component Events

Learn how to create a client-side autocomplete to navigate to specific reports, and add events to navigate to a report and drill down.

6 Reasons Why You Should Join the Next Hackathon

A hackathon is like a two-day coding party where everyone is invited! And there are lots of cool reasons why you should join the next one in your area. We'll cover just six of the biggest reasons why you should participate!

Learn about using PK Chunking to extract large data sets

Use PK Chunking to Extract Large Data Sets from Salesforce

Large volume Bulk API queries can be difficult to manage, sometimes requiring manual filtering to extract data correctly. Learn about how the new PK Chunking feature in Spring '15 can automatically make large queries manageable when using the Bulk API.


Apple Watch – Building a Salesforce Events Watch App

Learn how you can use the Salesforce Mobile SDK and SmartSync to Communicate with an Apple Watch Parent App.


Transforming Analytics API Data for Lightning Components

Learn how to take the rich analytics API response and convert it into a user defined data structure optimized for displaying in our Salesforce1 Lightning Component reports.


Extending Lightning Components by Example

Learn how to extend other lightning components using these examples, and how component inheritance increases developer productivity.

Learn about the query resource feedback parameter and selective SOQL queries

New Updates to Developing Selective Queries through the Query Resource Feedback Parameter

The "Developing Selective Queries through the Query Resource Feedback Parameter Pilot" article explores how to use the query resource feedback parameter to analyze and tune your SOQL queries. We've updated the article to include information on new Spring '15 features including report and listview support and the new optimizer notes information.