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You've probably heard of Salesforce, but what about Social.com? The platform of choice for agencies and brand advertisers, Social.com helps you create highly effective advertising campaigns that drive real business results from your ad investment. Active Audiences allows you to unlock your own customer data to more effectively communicate and generate value from your CRM […]


Inside Innovation: Technology and Products

When you hear the word innovation, technology may be the first thing that comes to mind. But, we believe innovation should be built into everything we do – including our engineering culture. We have an entire team dedicated to culture and innovation, and a key area of focus is our internal innovation programs: Opportunity Open Market and PTOn! Both of these programs […]

Create your own Lightning Progress Bar

Create your own Lightning Progress Bar using Javascript and bootstrap

Text Classification: When Not to Use Machine Learning

Machine learning is a great approach for many text classification problems. For example, the problem of classifying an email as “spam” or “not spam”, based on its textual content. The following is not one of them. Consider the problem of classifying a job title into a rank from C-level, VP-level, Director-level, Manager-level, or Staff. Below […]


Mass Update Leads Using the Lightning Component Framework

In this blog we will see how we can easily search and update the status of multiple Leads using Lightning Components. These components provide you with the options of searching Leads, updating the Status for selected Leads, and assigning the selected Leads to yourself. Below is a screenshot of the Mass Update component. Installing the […]

Dreamforce 2015 DevZone to You

Can't make it to the DevZone this year?  We've still got you covered! During Dreamforce we will post a few blogs that take you on a tour of the DevZone and introduce you to some of the exciting elements and makers in the space. We will also issue a Trailhead Challenge, so keep scrolling for today's badge! […]

Challenge yourself with Mini Hacks and win prizes at Hack HQ

Awesomeness Alert! ​P​resenting Dreamforce ‘15 DevZone Mini Hacks! Your DevZone Quest just got more exciting! ​​As you may​ ​already know, this year’s Dreamforce is bigger and better than ever before and so is our DevZone ​Hack HQ​ ​Area. We look forward to seeing you there! ​ ​ For those ​of ​you who have not experienced […]


Get Psyched for Dreamforce

Check out these awesome doc-related events at Dreamforce!


Announcing Salesforce App Cloud

Everything in our lives is being impacted by apps. The revolution began in our personal lives - but it’s changed expectations for how we conduct business as well. There's a new normal, a shift in how we connect with each other, with companies, with our customers and with things.  Salesforce Apps such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, […]

What to wear to the Dreamforce DevZone

Rather than get overwhelmed by Dreamforce, let’s take a step back to the most fundamental decision – what to wear. Last year, there was an article in Forbes on what to wear to Dreamforce. However, I live in the DevZone, and want to write up an article on what to wear for all my geeks.