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Salesforce Connect Reporting

Salesforce Connect (Formerly Lightning Connect) is an exciting product that allows organizations to connect external data sources to their Salesforce instance. One way this connection is done uses the OData protocol, but you can now write your own connector in Apex as well. Instead of Standard or Custom Objects, this external data is represented as […]


Bugs in Your Sandbox? Root Them Out with the New Apex Interactive Debugger!

Check out the Apex Debugger, which extends the IDE plug-in for Eclipse.


Trailhead Zone comes to CeBIT 2016

Grab your compass and map! Trailhead Zone will be coming to CeBIT this year as part of the Salesforce World Tour @ CeBIT 14-18 March.

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Introducing Heroku Private Spaces – Applying Network Access Controls to Your Salesforce Integration Apps

Enhanced Security Controls with Heroku Private Spaces Over the years I've built numerous apps that integrate with Salesforce through REST APIs, Heroku Connect, and other methods.  Heroku is a great place to run these apps because it lets me use open source technologies like Node.js and Java. It also works great with my GitHub-centric workflow […]


The Apex Interactive Debugger

You asked for it. We announced it. You waited for it. Finally, we have delivered it. I am pleased to announce that the Apex Interactive Debugger is now generally available! Click through to find out a lot more.

Salesforce Lightning Connect to SAP – Part 2 – Debug your Connection

Salesforce Lightning Connect integrates with data sources such as SAP, giving you access to external data from within your Salesforce environment. In this blog entry, Steve Beierle of SGC Software provides some tips for debugging OData access to SAP.

Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.0: Flexible Libraries for Native and Hybrid App Development

Salesforce is proud to release the latest Mobile SDK to our development community. Over the last few years, we have seen a tremendous shift in tools used for mobile development. To best serve our community, we completely decoupled core SDK components, and migrated as much of the library distribution CocoaPods and Gradle to embrace the […]


Stay on Target and Win Prizes with the Latest Trailhead Badge

With the Build a Battle Station App project on Trailhead, you’ll go from learner to master in less than a dozen parsecs. Plus, everyone who earns the badge before 12/31/15 has a chance to win astronomical prizes!


Developer Success Story – Peter Knolle

Jumping From Java to A Passion to Learn Makes All the Difference Peter Knolle loves learning, and he simply could not pass up the opportunity to work with a new platform. At the time, he had no idea that Salesforce would lead him into the happiest and most fulfilling work of his career. Today, […]

The Nonprofit Starter Pack Community Sprint

Editor's note: This blog was originally written and published by Beth Breisnes, Salesforce MVP and Consultant at Bigger Boat Consulting. On October 22nd and 23rd, almost 60 passionate folks gathered in Seattle (and a handful more, remotely) for the latest Nonprofit Starter Pack Community Sprint. We came together to spend two full days focused on […]