Spring ’14 Salesforce.com DevOps Conference Day 1 Wrap-up

At Salesforce.com we have a kaizen spirit that demands that we periodically set aside time to facilitate collaboration between widely disparate parts of the organization. One way we do this is with our internal DevOps conferences. Today’s start of our Spring conference was no exception.

Packaging Canvas Apps for Different Editions

Connected App - Access Method

We have seen some very impressive adoption rate amongst our customers and ISV partners in leveraging Canvas framework for building integrated composite applications on Salesforce1 platform. Based on some of the lessons learned and feedback received, we decided to publish this article to help our ISV partners understand their options when it comes to packaging Canvas for distribution and for support of different Salesforce1 platform editions.

The DevOps Mini-conference at Salesforce.com

Affecting a DevOps transformation at a large enterprise like salesforce.com is no small endeavor. Being one of the leading cloud companies in the industry however, well positions us to bring more DevOps practices into our organization. We practice DevOps principles every day, but a few times a year we set aside time to really level up. Tomorrow marks one of these times as we host our third internal DevOps mini-conference. We’ve found that spending this time together to discuss DevOps principles and to share knowledge on a level that reaches far beyond our daily interactions can pay dividends throughout the rest of the year.

Building Beautiful Mobile Apps In Visualforce Using AngularJS And Ionic – Part 3 (Remote Objects)

This is the 3rd installment of the “Building Beautiful Mobile Apps..” video blog series. In this we will explore how we can use the new Visualforce Remote Objects ((available as of Spring ’14) ) technique in our AngularJS and Ionic app to interact with Salesforce. We will also see how it compares with Remote Actions.

Apex Code Algorithm Challenge on TopCoder

Today, I outsourced the challenge on TopCoder, and you can win some $$$ if you solve it! It includes the data model as an AppExchange package and all of the detailed requirements. So…who’s in?

Salesforce1 Developer Week Kicks Off for 1.5 Million Developers Worldwide

Now with more than 1.5 million developers, the Salesforce developer community has doubled in size over the last 18 months. To mark this huge achievement, we are announcing Salesforce1 Developer Week – a week of meetups around the world starting April 27th.

Announcing the Platform Partner Growth Program

Today we’re introducing the first such initiative: The Platform Partner Growth Program. The new program is designed to recognize the platform growth created by the consulting partner community, and reward the leaders of sourced Saleforce1 annual contract value (“ACV”).

Tips and Tricks for Bootstrapping Your ISV Business

For the business whose long term strategy is bootstrapping, doing it effectively is literally the difference between success or failure. They’re operating without a net. But even for businesses whose plan is to raise investment capital, bootstrapping increases the value of the company and creates operational rigor that will serve them well over time.

Monitoring Apex Test Code Coverage

Learn how you can use the recently released Tooling API to maintain detailed knowledge on how our test code is evolving over time; which classes and triggers need more work; and how classes contribute to the overall test code coverage in your org.

Building Content-Rich Visualforce Pages with Salesforce CRM Content

With Salesforce CRM Content, you can organize, share, search, and manage content within your organization and across key areas of the Salesforce application. This content can include all file types–from traditional business documents, such as Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations–to Google Docs™ Web pages and audio, video, and image files. In this blog post, you can learn about […]