Integrating with Salesforce: A primer for ISVs

Looking to get started integrating your solution with Salesforce? There’s a lot of information out there, so it can be difficult to know where to start. We’ve put together some useful information below to provide a quick rundown on what to consider when starting to integrate with Salesforce.


Developer Success Story – Rexlo Joe

From New Delhi to New York with How a Developer Used Salesforce to Succeed on Wall Street Rexlo Joe has come a long way from Tamil Nadu, the southern India state he once called home. As lead architect for the Navatar Group, Joe now supervises a 80-person team in New Delhi from his Wall […]

The Platform Cache

We are adding a cache to the Salesforce1 Platform. You’re welcome.

Creating Lightning Components by Salesforce University

Creating Lightning Components: Action Processing and Binding Data

If you read our last post (the second in this series) and watched Module 2: Component Markup and Style of our online course Creating Lightning Components, you learned a bit about the component bundle, and the markup and style resources within a bundle where developers create the presentation for a component’s user interface. However, even the […]

Custom metadata types vs custom settings

How to use custom metadata types to save years of development on app configurations

Last week I introduced custom metadata types, an app configuration engine that will be generally available in the Summer ’15 release. This week I discuss how and when to use custom metadata types, and how we plan to further enhance their capabilities. Custom metadata types are like list custom settings, but with records that are […]

Creating Lightning Components by Salesforce University

Creating Lightning Components: The Bundle as Scaffolding

In our last post (the first in this series) we pointed out some of the reasons why Lightning Components are not “just another JavaScript UI framework.” If you watched Module 1: Introduction to Lightning Components of our online course Creating Lightning Components, you learned a bit about where they can be used, some of the benefits of […]

Survey App Data Model

Single Page Survey Application with Visualforce, jQueryMobile and Knockout

Introduction I've written a number of survey applications in the past, some aimed at desktop devices and some aimed at mobile. The common theme for all of these was a round-trip to the server to navigate to the next or previous question, which resulted in a number of abandoned surveys started by people with a […]

Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows is ready for Microsoft Developers

With the release of Salesforce Mobile SDK for Windows, we’re excited to welcome Microsoft developers to the Salesforce community. Mobile developers can now use their favorite tools like Visual Studio, C#, NuGet and a myriad of .NET frameworks to build beautiful mobile apps. With these apps, companies can connect to their customers in whole new […]


Find What You’re Looking For with Release Note Filters

Filters help you zero in on the news that matters most. Instead of scrolling through screen after screen, now you can get right to the release notes that affect you.

Deploying app configurations as custom object records

Introducing custom metadata types: the app configuration engine for

With the general availability of custom metadata types, “someday” has arrived. In this post, Salesforce MVP Andrew Fawcett wrote, “What would be ideal at this stage is a way for us to create custom metadata on the platform, maybe one day….” I am thrilled to announce that with the Summer ‘15 release, that day has […]