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The Developer’s Guide to Dreamforce

The Dreamforce developer experience keeps getting bigger and better every year. This year is no exception, and we’re taking the developer experience to a new level! Join your peers from around the world and get hands-on with leading-edge cloud technologies, tools and best practices for developing with Lightning, Apex Code, Salesforce APIs, and all the […]

Winter ’17 Highlights for Developers

There is a lot going on this time of year. Vacations are ending, school is starting, Dreamforce is nearing, and most important of all, Winter '17 is coming.  We are releasing a lot of great new features for Winter '17, and the release notes are understandably vast. So I thought I would take a moment and provide some […]

Released: The Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.3

We are excited to announce the release of Salesforce Mobile SDK 4.3 - available now! The Salesforce Mobile SDK empowers you to build custom mobile applications with amazing user experiences. You can build natively, or use your favorite JavaScript frameworks, and benefit from features such as secure data access, identity, offline storage, push notifications, and […]


JavaScript Buttons, Lightning, and You: A Blog Series

We know you love JavaScript buttons and have been using them in Salesforce Classic for many years. As a matter of fact, we’ve heard that many customers are reluctant to migrate to Lightning Experience because of the missing JavaScript button functionality. But Lightning Experience offers so much more than our Salesforce Classic, and it is […]

Celebrate Equality at Dreamforce 2016

This year at Dreamforce 2016, we're celebrating #EqualityForAll with a series of sessions curated by the Salesforce Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).These sessions bring us the worldview of our diverse community and provide a chance for all of us to learn more about each other.

Luminary Developer Sessions at Dreamforce 2016

I'm excited to announce the Dreamforce 2016 Luminary Developer sessions! These amazing thought leaders will inspire, teach, and show us the future.

Eli Lilly UK

Eli Lilly Discovers Next Generation Technology Trailblazers

Recently I had the opportunity to meet university students on their placement year at Eli Lilly UK.  In their first five weeks at Eli Lilly, the students had already put two Salesforce apps into production.  True Trailblazers!  I sat in on a lunch and learn where they took other young developers at Eli Lilly through […]


Art of Possible: Building Custom Maps in Wave

Analytics and analytical dashboards are no longer about overloading the user with loads of numbers and metrics in daunting tables and spreadsheets; today they need to tell a story, which makes effective visualization very important. Good analytics increase curiosity and help discover second-order insights and questions. Salesforce Wave enables users to interact with their data […]

Important Changes to Shield Platform Encryption in Summer ’16

If you're an ISV that's released an app using Shield Platform Encryption, there are some important changes coming in Summer '16. Some of these changes may result in failed package installations and runtime errors. Specifically, the following scenarios are possible: Your package installation will fail if the customer has encrypted one or more fields and is installing […]

Woman looking at map on mobile phone

Making Your Salesforce Data Location-Aware

Help your sales and marketing teams find nearby prospects, assign territories and campaigns, and more! All this is a cinch with Automatic Geocodes for Addresses, available in the Summer ‘16 release. Now you can automatically add geocode information to the pre-existing latitude and longitude fields on accounts, contacts, and leads. Why do geocodes matter in […]