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As ADN evolves, we’re looking to equip our members with more than just the best technical resources to build on our platform. We’d like to think we can become a one-stop shop for any on-demand entrepreneur looking for a launchpad for their ideas and place to grow their business. After all, many of the top apps/companies on the AppExchange today are built by entrepreneurs, not established, publicly-traded ISVs. The power of the on-demand model allows many software entrepreneurs to thrive and deliver innovative apps to a broad market when they otherwise would have struggled under the traditional software model.

For budding entrepreneurs, what can we do to help you successfuly start your companies? For existing companies, what can we do to help take your company to the next level?

Ideas include:
– legal services (e.g. incorporation/LLC formation, IP protection/patents)
– web hosting
– UI design services
– sales/marketing/demand generation tools
– access to venture capital

Or would simply more ADN t-shirts suffice?

We’re open to suggestions/ideas/requests – we’re here to help!

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