I hosted a CIO breakfast seminar in Huntington Beach yesterday, following a similar session in San Diego two weeks ago — but roughly a third of my presentation deck was new material since the earlier event, because during that time we’ve unveiled the near-term prospect of putting Apex Content into our platform and adding Salesforce ContentExchange to our portfolio of go-to-market tools; we’ve added Flex Toolkit to our arsenal of development options, shortening the path for developers interested in taking advantage of Adobe’s innovations.

The larger message that’s sent by these announcements, and by their rapid pace, is that salesforce platform adoption doesn’t compromise application strength as the price of on-demand availability. We’re not aiming at the target of where developers are working now, but leading the target of where developers are going — with capabilities like unstructured content search, and full-strength desktop experience rendering for remote applications. That’s what next-generation applications must offer to meet the community’s rising expectations, and that’s what the salesforce platform represents.

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