Please find the sessions details for the Salesforce Developer Conference, Santa Clara, CA. I thought this would help you get better insight into the track and sessions that will help you the most. If you have not registered for free yet, please do so before we run out of sitting space.

In addition to the keynote by Marc Benioff and Industry Visionaries such as Guy Kawasaki in the morning, you will be able to attend 1 of the 3 tracks as well as get hands-on at the Apex Code lab session in the afternoon.

The Apex code Lab will be open from 11:30am – 5am. This will really give you the opportunity to get hands-on the Apex Platform and Apex Code with the help of key engineers from At the same time, the 3 tracks will allow you to learn and watch demos on Apex Platform, Enterprise Mashups or even how you can start your own On-Demand startup.


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