Many of you have shown interest and requested for some training on the free new Adobe Flex Toolkit
for Apex, announced at the Web 2.0 Expoo event few weeks ago. The
toolkit lets you use Adobe Flex to easily add "Rich Internet
Application" functionality and highly dynamic UI elements to your Apex
apps. Based on popular demand, you’re invited to our upcoming free live webinar on Wednesday, June 27, 20007 (10:00am – 11:00am PST).

You will learn about the toolkit
and what it can do for you directly from the joint Salesforce/Adobe
team that built it.  Also, as a special bonus, if you attend we’ll give
you a special limited-time promo code that will get you 15% off of Flex
Builder at the Adobe online store.

is free, we look forward to seeing you there.  (ADN members, use the registration shortcut.)

-The ADN Team


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