Thanks to all of you who attended the webinar today.  We really enjoyed presenting the exciting combination of Adobe Flex/AIR and the platform.  I have created a wiki page to contain the code that I demonstrated today.

The sample is simplistic but illustrates some key concepts when using Flex and the Flex Toolkit for Apex.  First is the data binding piece.  Flex natively supports collections as the data source for data binding.  The Flex Toolkit for Apex returns a collection as the result of a query.  This makes simple binding extremely easy.

Another concept that is key, but was not illustrated in the webinar, is the ability to create your own components based on (inheriting from) the standard SDK components.  This makes modifying the behavior of items like the Grid component very easy.  This is especially true when compared to other "traditional" RIA technologies.

Grab the trial version of Flex Builder, or better yet, take advantage of the discount code presented in the webinar, and try some of this stuff out yourself.  I am confident that you will not only find it useful but fun as well.

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