Single Sign On with Salesforce can have a number of benefits for end users.  We have recently published new implementation guides for customers who want to implement Single Sign on.

Single sign on has a number of benefits to an organization:

  • Reduced Administrative Costs: With Single Sign-On, all user
    authentication information resides in a central directory, which
    reduces the need to maintain, monitor and potentially synchronized
    multiple stores, as well as reducing user support requests around
  • Increased ease of use: Each user only has a single username
    and password which grants them access to corporate resources and
    Salesforce. Reduced complexity means an easier to use environment that
    provides seamless access to all resources. Single Sign-On also saves
    users time, since each individual sign-on process can take 5 to 20
    seconds to complete. And removing the extra step of logging into
    Salesforce can increase user adoption of your Salesforce applications
    by lowering the barrier to use.
  • Increased Security: Any password policies that you have
    established for your corporate network will also be in effect for
    Salesforce. In addition, sending an authentication credential that is
    only valid for a single use can increase security for users who have
    access to sensitive data
  • Less possibility of phishing attacks when using single sign on

Below are the links to the implementation guides:

Implementing Single Sign On with
Single Sign-On for Clients

In addition to these guides, we have some great partners who provide an out of the box single sign on solution.  Please visit the Security category on the AppExchange for more information.  SXIP  has been proving a solution since 2004!

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