As a telecommuter
who hates the idea of actually going anywhere (unless it has
really good concert halls or backpacking trails), I need to have a
pretty good reason to urge you to come to a big-city
convention center
next month. I do, and it’s strictly your
business to know the reason
I have in mind.

I mean that literally: it’s your business. For the developer, the
upcoming Dreamforce conference is more than a chance to talk with other
next-gen application designers about the techniques that make the best
use of the
on-demand platform
It’s also a chance to share the excitement, and maybe even pick the
brains, of people who are recognizing that an on-demand plan is their best
prospect for rapid time-to-market and low-cost access to serious buyers

I spoke with product management director Jim Yu about
the technical and the entrepreneurial sparks that will be flying
in San Francisco during the week of September 16. When you hear what he says,
and see the fire in his eye
, I hope you’ll want to be there.

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