Have you been developing great Apex Code and want to get it into your production instance? Or have you wished you could merge the changes being made by your team mates to s-controls or Apex Code?

We’ve just released a major update to the Apex Toolkit for Eclipse. See why this is the best tool going both for editing Apex Code and s-controls and now also for publishing finished Apex Code into other Salesforce instances.

This latest Developer Preview release includes the following changes:

  • Support for Apex Code language changes
  • Wizard for moving Apex Code between organizations, included deployment into production organizations ("Deploy to Salesforce")
  • Local file handling, including initial support for Eclipse built-in Team development capabilities
  • Detection of edit collisions between change in Apex toolkit and changes made in organization or by another developer using the Apex toolkit
  • Support for managed packages
  • Synchronization perspective to merge conflicting changes
  • Support for new Salesforce.com SOAP API (v10)

There’s a lot here. Make sure you check out the release notes, FAQs, and installation guide on the toolkit’s main ADN page.

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