With the bits still just now cooling off from the Summer ’07 release, it’s hard to believe that the Dreamforce conference only four weeks away will still see some major new capabilities for developers on the salesforce platform.

Even so, as noted by Developer Marketing VP Adam Gross, the vast array of new features in Summer ’07 were just the things that the platform team had to get out there to clear their decks for all the new things that Dreamforce will bring to that growing developer community.

It’s critical for developers to realize that the salesforce platform is not new. It’s been a possibility for almost eight years, and a vision for at least three years. It’s the proven foundation of the SFA and CRM offerings that have made the company’s reputation.

What’s new is developer access to that foundation, making it possible to build a vast array of applications in every business-related task domain: applications that can enjoy the rapid time-to-market and the end-user efficiency and convenience of on-demand delivery.

Every business application developer, whether focused on small and medium business or striving for success at enterprise scale, should take advantage of the chance to connect at Dreamforce with the best technology and the most enthusiastic practitioners of what’s to come.

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