Ever read a piece of documentation and think "Wow, that was great!" or "That wasn’t exactly right. I wish they would fix that."? It can be pretty frustrating to use documentation that’s inaccurate and have no way to let anyone know. The salesforce.com Documentation team is right there with you.

With this latest release of the Web Services API Developer’s Guide, every page now has a feedback form so you can submit changes, corrections, and, of course, compliments(!) directly to the folks who write it. Just scroll down to the bottom of any API doc page, click the link, and submit your feedback. Giving us your contact info is completely optional.

Docfeedback But will your feedback go into the Internet void, never to be seen again? No, absolutely not! All feedback goes directly to the salesforce.com Documentation team. Although we won’t always be able to give a personal response, we’re committed to fixing any issues, errors, or bugs as quickly as we can.

Customer satisfaction is the hallmark of salesforce.com’s success. We take that seriously, especially in the documentation we provide. If you’re not satisfied, we want to make it right. And of course, if you like the docs, we wouldn’t mind hearing that too!

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