Do you see anything unusual about this
piece from Motley Fool

The role of as an out-of-the-box disruptor is now
considered something in the past. The core viability of SaaS is no longer a
matter for discussion: the question now is the tension between offerings that
are paid for, whether SaaS or otherwise, and offerings that are ad-supported or
that otherwise cut the cord with conventional revenue models.

The offering is now perceived as more like the software
mainstream than it is different. The odd fish in the sea are now those
who think they can give their product away rather than selling it.

This seems to be the money quote in the Motley Fool analysis:
"I think the massive business software
industry is fairly safe. After all, businesses want to pay for software
that is reliable, secure, and continually improving.
" What’s interesting is that the platform is now perceived as a perfectly ordinary way — albeit, perhaps the current and future best way — of pursuing that set of goals: it’s being judged on its delivery of that value, rather than being fascinating and strange because of its delivery model.

An interesting, if subtle, tipping point.

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