With less than 72 hours left before Dreamforce ’07 begins on Sunday, I wanted to let you know about the amazing lineup of salesforce.com platform evangelists, product managers and R&D gurus that will be speaking at Dreamforce this year. Whether you are new to the platform or a seasoned Apex programmer, you’ll get unprecedented access to them through the sessions they’re leading, tech talks in the Developer Lounge and at various networking functions through the conference (you’ll even have a chance to lobby for your favorite new features). In addition to the salesforce.com folks, we’ll have entire teams from Google and Adobe coming to talk about their latest technologies and how to use them with the Salesforce platform.

Here’s a snapshot of the salesforce.com session leader/speaker lineup for Developers@Dreamforce:

Adam Gross (Developer Relations)
•    Platform State of the Union
•    Meet the Developers

Ron Hess (Evangelist)
•    Getting Started with the Latest Platform Technology TBA
•    Building the Ultimate Google & Salesforce Mashup

Dave Carroll (Evangelist)
•    Apex Code Deep Dive: Tools & Techniques for Advanced Programmers
•    Make Your App *Bling*: Build Amazing Salesforce Apps Using Adobe Technologies
•    Flex Your Apps: Using the Flex Toolkit to Develop Rich UIs for Salesforce Apps

Rick Greenwald (Evangelist)
•    Designing for Data: Best Practices for App Builders

Nick Tran (Technical Programs Manager)
•    Developing on Salesforce Using PHP

Eric Bezar (Platform Product Management)
•    End-to-end Applications Built Using the Salesforce Platform

Benji Jasik (Platform Product Management)
•    On-Demand Development Lifecycle & Tools

Pete Dapkus (Platform Product Management)
•    Salesforce SOA Deep Dive

Andrew Waite (Platform Product Management)
•    Deep Dive: Breakthrough Platform Technology TBA

Glen Martin (Platform Product Management)
•    On-Demand Development Lifecycle & Tools

Markus Spohn (Platform Product Management)
•    Enterprise Integration: Combining the Salesforce Platform with Your Architecture

David Brooks (AppStore Product Management)
•    Scaling Success: Using AppStore to Automate Your On-Demand Company

Greg Campbell (Platform Product Management)
•    Packaging & Deployment: Sharing and Distributing Your Apps

Mary Scotton (Platform Product Management)
•    The Salesforce Platform: Application Framework Overview

Varadarajan Rajaram (Platform Product Management)
•    Build Smarter Apps: Harnessing the Power of Formulas & Workflow

Claus Moldt (Technical Operations)
•    Powering 100 Million Transactions per Day: Behind-the-Scenes at Salesforce.com

Ethan Alexander (Mobile Product Management)
•    Pizza, Beer, and Building Mobile Apps: What’s Not to Love?

Mike Kreaden (AppExchange Enablement)
•    From Garage to Glory: Secret Tips & Techniques of Top AppExchange Developers

Sati Hillyer (AppExchange Enablement)
•    Zero to AppExchange in 60 Minutes

I personally will be a leading the kickoff session of the AppExchange Entrepreneurs track, “On-Demand Venture Initiation: Building a Company the Salesforce Way”, a talk that focuses on the business aspects of starting an on-demand company.

If you happen to miss a session but wanted to meet the session leader/speaker, chances are they’ll be hanging out at the Developer Lounge – come by, say hello to the ADN team and ask for a product manager or evangelist by name. More than likely, they’re in the Lounge!

Hope to see you all at Dreamforce!

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