I’m happy to announce that the Visualforce Developer Preview is now available for the entire ADN community to begin using in their Developer Edition accounts.  While we had previously made Visualforce available to Dreamforce attendees only, its now available to anyone who is interested in learning and developing with this powerful new feature.

What is Developer Preview?
This means that Visualforce is only available in Developer Edition accounts, and that features of Visualforce may change (or not work at all).   We hope to make Visualforce available in pilot and ultimately production in 2008, but have not committed to any specific dates.

How do I enable my Developer Edition org with Visualforce?
All you need to do is click here, and provide your DE login info (or details to create a DE account).

What resources are available to help me learn about Visualforce?
We have an amazing set of books, session recordings and samples to help you get up and running quickly – a selection is here:

Recording of yesterday’s Visualforce webinar

Recording of Developers@Dreamforce 07 sessions, including a Visualforce Deep Dive session and a Visualforce Getting Started Session

Electronic copy of the Force.com Cookbook, featuring Visualforce examples and samples

And of course the Visualforce Page on the ADN wiki

I built something really cool, what should I do?
Let us know!  We’d love to see examples, screenshots, use cases and testimonials of how people are taking advantage of Visualforce and force.com.

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