As many of you already know, has recently opened up the Visualforce Developer Preview program to all customers, partners and prospects.  You can quickly sign up for this program on the ADN website, and now I’m excited to announce a detailed tutorial that has just been added to all the great Visualforce content already available. This is an easy to understand article which walks you through hello-world and much more, many thanks to Jon Montjoy, this is one you will want to bookmark!

Just a quick sampling of the ADN content shows that we have something for everyone, if you are a visual or auditory learner, check out this Webinar replay.  If you are like me and prefer to dive head-first into source code, then take a look at the tag cloud implementation posted in (the test drive for) the Employee Directory application, thanks again to Jason and Appirio for open-sourcing that work.  If you prefer to read first and then cook up your own solutions, we have that ready and waiting for your review in the Visualforce chapters in the Cookbook.  There are lots of other resources and code samples on the ADN site, but for those of you who like to talk back, there is a gem of a resource available to help get your Visualforce game on, that is the recently opened Visualforce Developer board. Where else can your questions get read and answered by the team writing the code that makes the magic happen!

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