Email Services or email to Apex is now generally available
for all customers who have Apex Code enabled. Email Services lets you
define email addresses, which can process Apex code. Send emails to
Salesforce and process them with Apex code to create and update data
from inbound emails.

The sample code shows you how an email can be
used to create new tasks for a contact record with a matching email

Send an email to Saleforce with a follow-up note, will setup a task with a reminder 1 day for now.

What is new in the Spring’08 release

  • Must implement the Messaging interface
  • Implemented a namespace “Messaging”
  • Additional input parameter “Messaging. InboundEnvelope”
  • New and improved security model
  • Uses Email Authentication protocols (SPF, SenderId, DomainKeys) to secure the email addresses

Note: For people who were using the previous Developer Preview version.

Your code will not work in the Spring ’08 release, until you
change it to the new format, for more detailed information on the
changes, please see the Spring ’08 release notes.

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