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Have you been developing great Apex and want to deploy it into your production instance? Or are you looking for a more powerful development environment for VisualForce pages and controllers?

The best tool going for editing Apex and S-Controls has just become a lot better with the major upgrade released today!

This latest Developer Preview release includes the following changes:

* Support for creating and editing Visualforce pages and controllers
* Support for editing custom fields and tabs
* Support for creating and editing custom objects, applications, and profiles
* Detection and synchronization of edit collisions for the newly supported file types
* Improved usability through the addition of a perspective that preselects tools appropriate to platform development
* Support for new SOAP API (v11.1)

And as in the previous release, the Toolkit for Eclipse includes a deployment wizard that now publishes not only Apex and S-Controls, but all the new types as well!

There’s a lot here. Make sure you check out the release notes, FAQs, and installation guide on the toolkit’s main page on the Apex Developers’ Network,

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