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Take advantage of all the new Development-as-a-Service features in Spring ’08 with the latest release of the IDE.

The IDE enables developers to build applications, test Apex Classes and Triggers, and deploy customizations from Sandbox and Developer Edition to production—all from the familiar Eclipse workbench.

This major release updates the IDE with the following features:

  • Create and edit Visualforce Components and Letterheads
  • Edit Static Resources, Documents, and Email Templates
  • Create projects from any Eclipse-enabled version control system
  • Support for latest SOAP API (v12.0)

And to help you get up to speed quickly, we’ve published two immersion labs from our Tour de Force kickoff event.  In these tutorials, you’ll use the IDE to build an application with Apex Code and Visualforce pages, and even practice checking out a Code Share project.

To get started, visit the IDE page on, where you’ll find detailed product information, installation and upgrade guides, release notes, and FAQs.

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