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I just found out about this free webinar from Model Metrics, our Platform parter on "Platform as a Service from" and thought it might benefit you all.

As many of you know, the platform allows you to extend to all parts of your business. Here is your opportunity to learn more about how enables your IT department to quickly provide solutions for
its backlog of database and system requests. Billing, operations, recruiting, fulfillment,
resource management, call centers, and many other non-sales departments
can benefit greatly. Note that native apps delivered through the
platform are easy to build, affordable to deploy, and best of all –
faster to implement than traditional applications developed using .Net
or Java.

Join Model Metrics on Wednesday, March 19 at 11 AM CST for a deeper
explanation of what this means for your business, along with a
demonstration of applications built using the platform.
You’ll learn how organizations across different industries have been
able to benefit from extending functionality well beyond
CRM. Register Now!

Happy Learning!
The Team

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