Salesforce and the iPhone SDK | Salesforce Developers Blog

If you attended Dreamforce 07 last year you got the first glimpse at some of the exciting work we were doing with Apple’s iPhone, and specifically how the unique browser capabilities of that device are a great fit for Visualforce, and our platform’s new ability to generate device specific UIs.  Last week we were lucky enough to be part of Apple’s iPhone SDK launch, where we unveiled the second piece of this strategy – the ability to use the SDK to create powerful device specific apps, and take advantage of new features such as offline access.  You can view a video of our demo at that event here or below.

It was great to be among a small group of companies invited to participate in the launch, and we are looking forward to showing more of what you can do with and the iPhone in the future.  We’ll be featuring content and demos relating to that work at our local Tour de Force events, so be sure to sign up today.

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