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I got confirmation today that the official Tour de Force 18-wheeler with all our gear, signage, and extra-large supply of goodies is rolling on down the highway on its way to Atlanta for our next event on April 8…  so this tour is officially on the road! 

It’s Friday now, but all week the entire team has been extremely busy working on session slides, some very cool demos, new lab content and of course finalizing all the details that will make this our next great event.  But that’s all fully baked and in the can now, so we get a little relaxation and time to pack before heading out Monday.  Which reminds me: I need to remember to bring extra batteries for the Wii controllers (yes, the Wii Golf Tournament continues as a Tour de Force DevZone tradition).

Oh, and if you should happen to see the Tour de Force semi out on the interstate on its way to Atlanta, or to Chicago, New York, or Boston after that, be a good buddy and post your pic to Flickr with the tag tdf08.  I’m dying to see a shot of the truck, as well as any other Tour photos.  And if Flickr glory alone isn’t enough motivation for you, I’ve got some nice t-shirts, jackets, and other schwag set aside to reward the best photo posts.

Hope to see you in Atlanta.

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