Last few weeks have been really busy as our team member, Nick Tran worked on creating the lab tutorials. With the help from the R&D team and the evangelists we got them tested, just in time for us to get them printed and delivered to the Tour de Force Atlanta DevZone Lab.

Nick and I landed in Atlanta late afternoon and got to the Hyatt Regency Atlanta to setup the DevZone Lab systems so that it is ready for your use tomorrow. We are really excited about the new lab tutorials as we have tutorials for folks that have a admin background and would like to build an app using the AppBuilder. For those of you who are developers, you will want to take advantage of the tutorials that will teach you how to write an app using the IDE, Apex code and Visualforce. We will also have a team of experts to help you with the tutorials and get your technical questions answered.

The DevZone will be open the whole day starting at 9am. Please stop by to pick up the Workbook, get some hands-on to build your first app!

For the folks attending Tour de Force Atlanta, see you in the morning. If you are not close to Atlanta, check out the next set of Tour de Force cities.

-Nick Tran and Kavindra Patel

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