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Img_1408_smallThe Tour de Force team just landed in Chicago for the next stop on the Tour tomorrow, April 10th. Earlier this week on Tuesday, over 300 attendees came out to the Atlanta Tour de
Force event. Highlights included hearing the latest Force.com platform news and seeing apps that ISVs and customers like Riskonnect, CODA,
and Delta Airlines were building using platform technologies. Many
attendees also got the chance to attend breakout sessions that covered
topics like Apex and Visualforce and later roll up their sleeves to work on Force.com app building exercises in the Dev Zone. If you happen to be in the Windy City, stop by and say hello to see what we have in store for you! Marc Benioff will be keynoting and you’ll have many opportunities during the day to get technical questions answered and meet the Force.com evangelist team (see pic of Ron Hess and Dave Carroll working hard at the airport). We’ve been busy preparing content, code samples, labs and demos over the past months and look forward to meeting everyone in Chi-town and discovering where the best place is for deep-dish pizza!

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