I’m a new member of the force.com team, and I’ll be working here as the community manager and editor-in-chief of developer.force.com. As a result, I hope to be touching base with a lot of you developers, ISVs and admins out there, as well our internal salesforce.com employees. I’ll also be working at developing our blog and content strategies, infrastructure and more. There’s a lot to do, and I’m keen to help our thriving community grow even bigger. Feel free to ping me at any time about the community, with any suggestions, complaints or comments (jmountjoy at salesforce dot com) or join me on Twitter or other data streams.

I will be producing a community update like this every week or two, highlighting forthcoming events (check out the awesome Tour de Force website with new events in the USA, Ireland and Japan), community members (see Anshu), webinars (Move Beyond S-Controls), interesting board threads, things that catch my eye (like the Dreamforce Session Idea site), external sites (Simon, Joe, Steve and many more) and so on, so please stay tuned.



We have a couple of new resources for you:

  • A short Visualforce Components Demonstration by Adam Gross shows off some of the capabilities found in Visualforce Components. This is going to big: reusable, modular, user interface components. I need to create a directory listing components that we can start finding them all. Done!
  • A new Visualforce resource page recently went live, pointing to reference material, tutorials and webinars to get you up to speed on the technology.


In the blogs, I’d like to welcome new blogger Anshu Sharma. Anshu blogged about being In India, with Force(.com)!, and some of the questions he encountered during a talk he gave on PaaS and Force.com.

Also in the blogs, Ron Hess tells us about Coding The Cloud at Google’s I/O Event, where he’s presenting on integrating force.com apps with Google GData interfaces. I’m also keen to see how our developers use the new Google Earth API. We’ve seen plenty of Google Maps mashups – now how can we use Google Earth too?

Finally, Peter Coffee has some interesting thoughts on what it means to be Disconnected. He makes the point that “..it’s not the problem of any single technology provider (or even any particular subset of the tech provider ecosystem) to solve the problem of staying up and running even if your public network link is intermittent.”

Upcoming Events

From our event calendar, we have the following events that may interest you:

Education Services

Education services have two upcoming courses:

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