This week we launched our Winter ’09 Release Preview, and we created a Winter ’09 wiki page just for developers.

On the wiki page, we highlight 4 features that we think all developers should be aware of.  In no particular order, they are:
– Force.com IDE
is now GA
– Packaging
now supports Visualforce
– The new Dynamic Apex offers more flexible programming
New Developer Edition accounts get more features and licenses

In addition to the above, there are so many new other cool features that should also delight the palate.  Some of my favorites in the Winter ’09 Release Preview include:
– support for localization via Custom Application Messages
– with Visualforce Email Templates, create richly formatted email templates.
– create enhanced list views with support for pagination and mass actions using Visualforce List Controllers.
– the ability to do semi and anti joins in SOQL
– new Tagging API and Metadata API for Analytics
web service callouts from Triggers!!!  More accurately, the new Asynchronous Apex allows you to asynchronously do callouts from triggers"

After you gather your breath, be sure to sign up for the Winter ’09 live webinar where we will cover Winter 09 and then give you a sneak peak at what we’re cooking up for developers at Dreamforce.

Have a nice weekend!

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