There’s no question that SaaS is the future of the software industry. The majority of new software startups are launched using the SaaS model; even larger, traditional ISVs are creating new SaaS product lines to augment their on-premise businesses. The challenge is that while many SaaS entrepreneurs and execs have traditional software experience, there’s definitely a shortage of operating best practices for SaaS since the model is still relatively new. Many SaaS leaders are finding that the proven strategies and tactics from the old world of traditional software don’t necessarily work in the new world of SaaS.

As a pioneer in the SaaS market, had to discover and develop most of these internal operating processes and best practices that define a successful SaaS company from scratch.

In an effort to continually share and help fellow SaaS companies grow, I’m pleased to announce that this Wednesday we’re doing the 2nd webinar in an ongoing learning series for business leaders in SaaS companies called “The 10 Laws of Building A Successful SaaS Company” (the first webinar covered VC fundraising for SaaS entrepreneurs).

You’ll hear from Byron Deeter, a partner at Bessemer Venture Partners, who is an active investor in the SaaS space as he walks through the “10 Laws” and discusses leading indicators of SaaS success that apply to both companies large and small.

Register for this free webinar and let’s work on building your SaaS company together!

If this sort of content is valuable, I also encourage you to come to the Dreamforce conference in early-November – we’re expecting over 10,000 attendees and I’ve got a full set of sessions and activities designed specifically for SaaS entrepreneurs that cover the business issues of running SaaS companies and taking advantage of the partner ecosystem.

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