Announcements at Dreamforce | Salesforce Developers Blog

Lots of exciting developer announcements here at Dreamforce – here’s a summary!

  • Sites – With Sites, you can now create public websites and applications that run natively on the Platform.
  • for Amazon Web Services – for Amazon Web Services lets developers easily create applications that integrate the power of and the Amazon Web Services.
  • for Facebook – for Facebook is a set of tools and services that enables developers to harness the power of the Facebook and platforms to build business applications for Facebook.
  • Code Share – Code Share is a directory of open source code projects covering all aspects of the Platform.

I’ve not yet dived into each of these except for Sites – the home page for has bee running on sites for a while now!

Right now I’m sitting in a hackathon, and someone has already created an application that uses for Amazon Web Services to consume incoming emails and post the attachments to an Amazon S3 account.

Even more exciting, folk can now share the applications that they build on Code Share! Check out some of the exciting projects already posted.

Now – back to Dreamforce!

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