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It’s day 2 at Dreamforce 2008 and there are a few bleary eyes this morning after the Foo Fighters concert last night, myself included. I just came out of the keynote session which switched gears a little from yesterday’s focus on the Force.com platform, and turned the magnifying glass inwards to current customers.

Salesforce.com is known for it’s “100% reference-able customer” strategy but George Hu, EVP of Applications and Marketing really cranked it up when he said that “our passion is creating evangelists“. It’s a simple statement but one that have very powerful ramifications especially when you link this statement with yesterdays announcement of the Force.com for Facebook toolkit.

Just imagine what 120 million evangelists can do!

Forgot all the hype about the cloud and it being the next wave of computing – none of it makes sense unless your customers are happy, and in Salesforce.com’s case, happy customers who will tell others about it. According to Marc, 94% of Salesforce.com users would recommend Salesforce.com CRM and 74% already have! What makes the idea of evangelists in the cloud even more powerful is when you tap into the wisdom of the crowds, as demonstrated with the Salesforce.com Ideas application which has driven over 120 of the 400+ new features introduced since Dreamforce 2007 alone. If you thought the innovation was coming thick and fast before – I have a feeling we ‘aint seen nothing yet!

Again, I have so many notes and take aways from the session this morning I am going to have to split it into a few entries but for now, back to the sessions.

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