The Winter '09 release includes some incredible functionality for developers.  One thing that I find particularly impressive is the new email template functionality that leverages Visualforce.  Admittedly I am slightly biased (as a member of the Visualforce team) but I'm not the only one that feels this way.

There have been other references to this new technology even within this blog as well. Even if you have seen it something that hasn't received sufficient coverage to date is the ability to create dynamic email attachments and have them be converted to PDF automatically.  Kudos to Steve for posting a follow up entry that did cover this capability but as we all know – more is better 🙂

After the Summer '08 release I published an article about using the new PDF conversion facility in Visualforce to generate sales quotes from opportunity data. What better way to highlight the same power in email templates than extending the same sample?  I couldn't think of one so here's a new article that builds on the first to describe Visualforce email templates with PDF Quotes with a complete sample and a package you can install.

By the way, this solution also highlights additional capabilities that are new in Winter '09 for Visualforce:

  • AppExchange Packaging: the entire solution is available in an AppExchange package now that Visualforce pages, components and static resources can be distributed. See the article for how to get it if you are interested.
  • Custom Button and Link support: custom buttons and links created for the original sample are now directly bound to Visualforce pages.

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