First New York City Developer User Group Kick-off Event on Dec. 8! | Salesforce Developers Blog

I am really excited to announce the first New Your City Developer User Group event on Dec. 8 at 6pm in New Your City. I hope this will get many of the local developers and admins who want to be part of a local developer community and learn about the platform as well how to build on to this kick-off event. We have lined up Ron Hess, Evangelist at Salesforce and Ketan Khandkar, Principal at Navatar Group as speaker.

Join us on Dec 8 at 6pm EST at the Le Parker Meridian Hotel for an evening of food,
fun, and tech talks on building apps on the platform.

About the NYC Developer UG:
As a user group we are committed to learning
all we can from each other on building apps on with its rich
set of tools and technologies. Our group will spends considerable time
discussing the platform, Apex, Visualforce, Sites,
web services API’s and other 3rd party technologies to build enterprise
apps in the cloud.  This forum is for networking, questions
and inquiries on the platform and technologies, and general interaction
between members and interested parties.

See you there!

Kavindra Patel

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