It’s great when the individuals who make up the Developer
Force community contribute to the enhancement of the experience for
all of us.  M.J. Kahn is a shining
example of this cooperative spirit.

The interaction started where so much community activity
takes place – on the discussion boards.  MJ had asked a few questions on the board,
which I answered.  One thing led to
another, which ended up with my referring MJ to the Developer Guide, which was
available at the time.

MJ, by talent and inclination, is a natural copy
editor.  So she didn’t just read the
Guide – she carefully tracked the occasional typo or inelegant phrase and sent
them on to us.  Based, in large part, on
this excellent advice, there will be another, improved revision of the Guide in
the next couple weeks.

A big shout out to MJ, helping us all!  We all benefit when we share our knowledge
and abilities in the vibrant Developer Force community, growing the value of our network.

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