Want to learn to build public web sites / web apps with Force.com? | Salesforce Developers Blog

There's a lot of value in building internal applications for specific business processes within an organization. Salesforce.com has long been a great platform for building these applications by extending the CRM system with custom objects, fields, and page layouts. Over the last little while this has expanded with the ability to write custom pages and logic using the VisualForce and Apex technologies. Now, we are working on allowing these internal applications to be opened up to prospects, customers, partners and anybody else on the web with Force.com Sites which allows public web sites and web applications to be built using the same technologies. If you're interested in learning how this works we're doing two live webinars Tuesday and Wednesday of this week on this topic. The interest has been so high that we've filled up Tuesday's webinar but there's still space for Wednesday, so sign up now.

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