It’s pretty easy to start creating great apps on – check out my database article, for example, to see how a full set of CRUD screens are automatically generated around a database model.

However, don’t let this stop you from thinking about design and architecture!

For example, has some amazing data security features – the sharing-model in particular is extremely powerful, letting you (declaratively) determine who sees which records, which set of users can share records with which other set of users and so on. Taking a feature like this sharing model into consideration when creating your application will undoubtedly lead to a better application, and one that requires fewer changes as it evolves.

So with this in mind, check out Ten Common Mistakes Architects Make When Building a Application, contributed by Ketan Khandkar. Ketan covers several other points that are well worth considering if you architect apps on the platform.

An Aside:

Speaking architecture, you may be interested to know how itself is architected, in particular how multitenancy underpins so much of the platform. If so, check out this webinar happening on Feb 12.

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