The developer challenge is still in full swing, and I’ve just spotted a great submission by Ritesh Gupta. It had a simple description “A shopping cart” – and it’s pretty impressive.

You can check out the running application here – that’s a nice thing about Sites, it lets you just point to running applications.


The application lets you browse or search various categories of items. It also allows you to sign in, implements a shopping cart, reviews, and more. I suspect the sign-in comes from Portal. (Perhaps Ritesh can tell us how he implemented the sign-in in the blog post comments.) It’s a great application of Sites technology.

The deadline for submission is January 30 – so there’s still plenty of time to develop your application(s). And of course, your apps don’t have to be as advanced as Ritesh’s application – the developer challenge guide points to a number of simpler projects that you can tackle. Drop by the developer challenge discussion board if you have any problems.

Good luck!

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