In my post about architecture yesterday, Andrew from CODA left an interesting comment – and today I came across this blog post by Phil Wainewright over on ebizQ, also mentioning the company. I love coincidences.

The post is an interview with the EMEA director of, and I enjoyed this quote:
[…] these environments or platforms-as-a-service are actually free to developers, which gives them access to multi-million-dollar datacenters and architectures free of charge.

I’d never thought of our Developer Force accounts as that – free access to a multi-million dollar datacenter – but I guess that’s what they are! (Get ’em here!)

They go on to chat about agile development – which is what we use internally to build the platform. I know some companies that build on also use it – Scrum in particular. If you want to learn more about it, check out the whitepaper Whitepaper: Agile Development Meets Cloud Computing.

Give Phil’s post a read (or listen) – and please let me know if you’re using any agile in developing on!

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