Hi All

We’ve just rolled out a new feature on the discussion boards called Accepted Solutions (AS).

How does it work?

If a thread has more than one message, any community member can mark one of the thread messages as the Accepted Solution to the message that started the thread.

If you’re logged in, simply hit the “Solution?” button if you think the message provides the solution:


If a thread has an Accepted Solution, you’ll notice a shortcut at the first message, which looks something like this:


Hitting this will take you to the message within that thread that contains the solution.

We also add a nice shading to the message that has been assigned as the Accepted Solution:


Finally, messages with accepted solutions are tagged in the message view as well:


Best Practices

  • If you start a thread, and someone posts up an answer, please make sure to mark the answer as an accepted solution. This will really help others looking for answers.
  • If you’re browsing an old thread and you believe there is an accepted solution, please mark it!
  • Please don’t avoid questions that don’t have accepted solutions – sometimes they have partial solutions, or they’re desperately in need of your knowledge. Please help out.
  • I’ve opened up this feature to all community members, not just the author of threads or moderators. Please take care and use it appropriately. Thanks!

What’s Coming

  • We’re probably going to roll out a kudos feature as well (which can also use the accepted solution as a input).
  • I’m also looking to roll out a more advanced search. For example, you can use it to search through only those threads with accepted solutions 😉

As always, let me know your thoughts on this and other features!


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