If you’re developing on Force.com and haven’t installed the Salesforce Mobile app, install it! A new version for the iPhone was announced a few days ago, and it’s got some cool new features. If you already have it installed, you’ll have to update on the App Store to get these new features.

If you like dashboards, you can now view those from your phone. The view is slightly different to what you see on the web-based UI (single column), but you can see all the details as shown in this snapshot I took:


What caught my eye was support for Visualforce Mobile. Check out the following screenshot that shows one of my apps in all its glory!


See an older post of mine that shows how to enable a Visualforce page for mobile. You can also have web tabs, and the blog post indicates “including GPS” which is really intriguing. I’d love to see some location-aware Force.com apps on the road….

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