Lately I have been tinkering with how I can use Facebook and the social network to help promote my debut novel that is due in the stores soon. I wanted to reach out to my friends, and get their feedback through reviews, with the hope that they would in-turn recommend my book to others and so on. I knew Facebook could help me with the viral aspect of growing a fan base, but how could I track reviewers, obtain permission for quotes etc? 

I sat back and thought for a moment, does all of that—why don't I use the for Facebook Toolkit

So that is exactly what I did. 

Check out the little app I wrote (and feel free to leave a comment so I know you found it, or better still add it to your facebook page and keep updated!) called Bookworm. The eventual idea is to create an application that authors could use to promote their books, and seek reviews through the social networks they have built up over time.

The app you see now is very simple but it demonstrates some powerful concepts of what the toolkit and sites is capable of doing. I am currently writing up an article on the steps involved to get the app to this point but hopefully my little tinkering gives you a taste on how, with your marketing hat on, you can leverage Facebook and the platform to reach millions of potential users and future customers.

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