A Geeky Field Trip Into The Guts of Multitenancy | Salesforce Developers Blog

Sati hit upon a great point in his last post – selling the religion of multitenancy aint easy. But we're here to lend you a hand. The cloud computing video he posted can even talk to a non-technical audience. Maybe not to your grandmother, but definitely to your coworkers.

What about a technical audience though? If you're like me, you're always wondering "but, but… how does it work?!" Because, you see, I need to know, just so I can be sure that the folks who're making the magic happen aren't banking on stage props and false bottomed top hats. If you're hoping to convince a geek like me about the merits of our cloud platform, you can find no better asset than the Multitenant Magic Webinar. Craig Weissman delves into our internal data model, table structures, how we do performance optimizations, clever tricks with primary keys and how to "shamelessly exploit every performance improvement possible."

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