We’ve just launched the Force.com Tech Talk Series of webinars that cover introductory and advanced Force.com platform topics. The introductory webinars assume that you are new to the Force.com platform, while the advanced webinars assume that you already have some experience on the platform.

That’s an important distinction – and I’m hoping that it allows us to get into more in-depth discussions in the advanced topics. Something we’re also considering is the format. Many folk have expressed interest in a shorter webinar format – ie. the meat of the webinar is contained in the first 30 minutes for example – with plenty of time for the Q & A afterwards. Let me know what you think about that.

So, the first two webinars are:

  • Introduction to Apex Code – This webinar introduces the Apex programming language used on the Force.com platform, covering its syntax, database and web service support, as well as testing and code coverage.
  • Visualforce Components Deep Dive – This webinar demonstrates how to build custom Visualforce components, ones that incorporate presentation, data and logic, and which can be reused across multiple Visualforce pages and applications.

You can register here.

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