Recently Google annouced availability of Java language support for Google App Engine, allowing Java developers across the globe to start building apps in the cloud. Well this morning, the first day of the Google I/O conference, is announcing the availability of " for Google App Engine for Java". This is a set of Java libraries that enables App Engine developers to access the web services API. Get all the details and the actual bits here.

This new combination of and Google App Engine means that all the business information and processes held within can now be exposed to Java apps running in the App Engine cloud using any kind of Java framework you like. These apps could collect leads, do online surveys, display product catalogs, check inventory level, the only limit is your own creativity here.

Thanks to Jeff Douglas for his development time spent on the pre-release version of the libraries. Ron Hess and I will be talking about the integration at our session at Google I/O so if you're at the conference, come check out the session. 

We're really looking forward to seeing what kind of apps you build that connect the and Google clouds together…

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