Wow, today's a big day with the announcement that Sites is now live for our customers.  This announcement means big things for all the members of our ecosystem.  I'll throw out a few examples that I've thought of, i'm sure you can think of a few more.  Needless to say the announcements today really sets a high bar for delivering value and containing costs.  Oh yeah, in case you haven't seen it, the other announcement is a new Free Platform edition!

As a developer at heart, I love exploring new technology and Sites has held my fancy for a while now. This developer preview period has given me the time to build some interesting things and write a few articles on the subject, so it's great to see this feature released today.   It's clear this feature is very popular in the dev community, with thousands of developers signing up during the preview of Sites.  Well the preview is over and sites is live, so now those developers can capitalize on the head start that they have been given.

The amazing thing to me is that many of our customers don't yet know how cool it really is, and just how it will deliver value to their business.  That's the task ahead of us, just think of the exciting conversations that our Partners will have with their customers as they explain the details of this new feature, and reap the rewards from new engagements around Sites.

It's clear to see that developers will benefit as well, with more and more customers demanding Visualforce and Apex experts to build these Sites.  Developers are especially challenged to understand and leverage the exciting Free Platform edition announced today. Sites also presents an exciting opportunity for ISV's who can now deliver that next CMS or Publishing system that our customers will demand.  They will demand new apps, because now they have Sites turned on and are ready to use this new feature to deliver value to their businesses.  

In addition, think of all the existing apps that can now be revised or extended to expose a Site.  Last week we had several ISV's into the office for a visit and run through of their demos.  We were treated to a first-hand look at what they are building, and I think it's awesome.  We'll all be seeing more of these apps soon, and now they will all be able to leverage Sites in their apps!

So, the call to action now is to build something cool with Sites and when that's done jump over and figure out the next killer app to build and take advantage of the Free Platform Edition.  Talk about delivering business value, take a look, I think you will agree today's a very big day for all of us.


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