Flex and Force.com – RIA in the Enterprise | Salesforce Developers Blog

It's been a while since we introduced the Force.com Toolkit for Adobe AIR / Flex.  In that time we have seen many fascinating and successful applications built by both customers and partners.  There has also been some recent activity around the toolkit itself.

As the Force.com platform and Adobe Flex platform mature more exciting opportunities for leveraging both emerge.  The new Sites feature of Force.com combined with Flex has the potential to really accelerate RIA development.  James Ward, one of the creators of the toolkit, has recently blogged about some of the more recent action around the toolkit in the article Flex and Salesforce / Force.com Updates.

Also you need to check out the latest info available from Adobe Developer Connection. Here you will find new samples and source code, new video and the latest information on getting started with the toolkit. 

Of course, there is even more information available at developer.force.com on the toolkit page.

There is plenty of information for your whether you have looked at Flex and Force.com in past or are just hearing about the synergy of the two platforms for the first time.


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