Sites Tech Talk on June 22nd 2009 | Salesforce Developers Blog

On June 15th, we announced Sites generally availability for Unlimited, Enterprise, Developer and Free Edition customers. Many of you already registered your domain names, and thousands of new customers have signed up for the Free Edition. 

We are happy to see the number of questions picked up in the discussion boards, and we are closely following your tweets.

As Dave Carroll mentioned on his blog post, Dave and I will be hosting a Sites Tech Talk on June 22nd.  

We will show you

  • How to create a maintainable Site using templates and standard Sites pages.
  • How to register users and understand the relationship of Sites to Customer Portal
  • How the security model works and the level of control you have available
  • How to create and use reusable assets such as images, CSS and Java-script libraries

We will use a simplified Real Estate Agency site to illustrate sites features in action.

See you on June 22nd!

Bulent Cinarkaya Sites Product Manager

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