Sites was officially released today and is generally available to our entire community of customers, developers, and partners. As I work a lot with partners, I wanted to make sure that you’re aware of this powerful new technology and briefly talk about how it could be used by our partners.

For our consulting partners, Sites provides your team of architects and developers with a flexible and accessible technology that your customers will love.  Sites gives you a way to extend CRM processes into other parts of your customer’s organization or even to the public.  It’s great to see how NJ Transit has used Sites to allow Group trip registrations that is processed into their internal environment to complete the registration process.  This is a great idea and use of Sites to tie internal and external business processes together. Sites is also a game-changer for ISVs building applications. You could now add a custom link in your managed packages that links back to a Site that you’ve developed. This Site can be used to share best practices, product documentation, or even allow your customers to log a case inside their individual environment that you’ll see in your environment! 

We’ll have more to say on Sites in future posts, but I trust you agree that the possibilities are very exciting.  Join us for a Tech Talk on Sites next Wednesday, June 17th at 10am PDT.  We can’t wait to see what you develop and who knows, maybe you’re app will have what it takes to get added to our Sites Gallery?

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