We’re excited to announce the Cloud Developer Challenge!

In February we broadcasted the winners of the previous challenge ( Sites Developer Challenge) – which resulted in some outstanding submissions. See for example the gaming e-commerce site, a complete e-commerce site, and a wiki!

Now that Sites is GA, it’s time to innovate yet again. The Challenge home page has all the rules, the sign up and the submission links, but I guess the most important pieces of data are here:

* the end date – July 31. A month for a masterpiece. Or two. You can submit more than one entry if you like.
* the app must be built on, and it must use Sites (so that we can all visit it and see it in its glory)
* sign up here

We’ll again be rewarding submissions that catch our eye – this time with a MacBook Pro, iPods and iPod touches. Oh, and the all-important exclusive t-shirts as well!


PS. We also have a discussion board where we can all discuss various aspects of the challenge. Good luck!

PPS. If you want to tweet, how about using the #forcechallenge tag!

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