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Are you a new Force.com developer? About to write your first Apex trigger or class? Or already developed some Apex just to run into a governor limit? Want to learn more about governors in Apex?

If so, check out this new technical article that explains what governors are, why they exist, and how they are calculated. The article is intended for architects and developers writing Apex code on the Force.com platform. Here is a brief snippet from the Abstract:

Apex Code
is the Force.com programming language used to write custom, robust
business logic. Apex is compiled and executed on the Force.com
multitenant infrastructure, which is a shared resource across all
customers, partners, and developers. Consequently it is important that
Apex code uses infrastructure resources efficiently.

This is where Apex governor limits come in. Governor
limits are runtime limits enforced by the Apex runtime engine to ensure
that code does not misbehave. This article presents an overview of Apex
Code governor limits, why they are important, and how to design
scalable, efficient Apex code.

If interested in reading the entire article, it can be found here.

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