I blogged last month about the Force.com Cloud Developer Challenge – as our list of participants indicates, we’ve now got over 1648 participants signed up!
As the deadline is looming (3 weeks folks!) I thought I’d share with you a sneak peek at one of the entries—a little inspiration! It’s a blog engine written by Jonathan Morales. You can find the live application here. Here’s a screenshot:


It’s quite a clean looking design. There are next/previous buttons to navigate through the pages of blog posts, social media buttons, as well as comments and tags. Feature request: I’d love to see this enhanced with a tag cloud too, like we do on Code Share. I don’t know what’s behind the engine – whether I can compose blog posts in HTML or not for example, or whether there are some interesting Visualforce components – but it’s certainly an impressive start.
Of course your Cloud Challenge entry can be more complex, or less – it’s about taking part and sharing cool ideas, and learning new things, that matters most of all! Check out the challenge home page for more details.

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