The summer season just ended, but that doesn't mean the good times are over. It's time to preview the great new functionality coming out in the upcoming Winter '10 release. I'm personally excited about Batch Apex. You no longer need to host and execute custom code to process large datasets – instead let Batch Apex do the work for you. That's just one of several new exciting features in the Winter '10 release. All of the details are available on the Winter '10 Release Preview page.

For those that missed last week's Winter '10 Release Preview webinars, the recordings have been posted, including the slides. There are two presentations available. The first one previews all of the Winter '10 platform features. And the other recording covers all the Salesforce CRM Cloud Apps.

To find the official release schedule for Winter '10, it's posted on

I hope everyone had a great summer and see you in Winter '10!

ps – My apologies to our Salesforce friends in the Southern Hemisphere heading into spring.

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