Cookbook_cover This week's Dreamforce marks the release of the latest edition of the Cookbook! This compilation of code samples shows you how to extend your apps using workflow, approvals, Apex, Visualforce, the API, email, and Sites.

In addition to updates of last year's recipes, look for these new additions to the guide:

  • Updating a Field on a Parent Record
  • Creating Custom Help
  • Redirecting to a Standard Object List Page
  • Referencing an Existing Page
  • Defining Skeleton Visualforce Templates
  • Using Batch Apex to Reassign Account Owners
  • Using Custom Settings to Display Data
  • Integrating Visualforce and Google Charts
  • Creating a Sitemap File
  • Creating a Web-to-Lead Form for Your Site
  • Implementing Single Sign-On for Clients
  • Retrieving Information from Incoming Email Messages
  • Creating Records from Information in Incoming Email Messages
  • Retrieving Email Attachments and Associating Them with Records
  • Creating Email Templates and Automatically Sending Emails

Also new for this release, the Cookbook is offered in online format, with color-coded code snippets and an easy clipboard copy feature that allows you to quickly copy and paste code directly into the editor of your choice. If you prefer the PDF version, Developer Force members can download it from

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